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XL-Chem International scientific Advisory Board met through visioconference on December 2th 2021 (2pm-4pm), in order to examine the evaluation process and results of the third XL-Chem call for co- financed PhD project. The following experts attended the meeting:

  • Dr Ivan Huc (Maximilian Ludwig Universität München)
  • Dr. Jonhatan Clayden (Bristol University)
  • Pr. Annie-Claude Gaumont (Labex Synorg)
  • Dr. Christine Canet (Normandie Valorisation)

Dr. Yves Queneau (INSA Lyon) and Pr. Anne Milet (Université Grenoble- Alpes) could not attend the meeting, but sent their comments through e-mail before the meeting.
The SAB approves the evaluation process: evaluation of 1- the quality of the research proposal by five external reviewers (C. GOSMINI (École Polytechnique), J.M. CAMPAGNE (Montpellier University), Y. LANDAIS (Bordeaux University, D. BOURISSOU (Toulouse University) and C. RONIN (Aix-Marseille University)), and 2- the contribution of the courses exchanges for XL-Chem graduate school of research.

In accordance with the reviewer’s evaluations, among the 9 research proposals, the SAB proposes the following 7 common PhD projects for financing through a “2022 RIN Label XL-Chem”:

  • GREENCAL : Pr. M. BARDOR and Dr. N. MATI-BAOUCHE (Glycomev,
    Rouen)/ Pr. François CHAUMONT and Dr. Catherine NAVARRE (UC Louvain, Belgium)
  • MIMOSA : Dr. L. BENHAMOU & Dr. S. COMESSE (URCOM, Le Havre) /
    Pr. Helen Hailes & Pr. Tom Sheppard (University College London) – Co- funding by Le Havre-Normandie Univ.
  • PhotoSulfo: Dr. C. Perrio (ISTCT, Caen) / Pr. Dr Jason P. Holland (University of Zurich, Suisse)
  • Cube2.0 : Dr. M. De Paolis (COBRA, Rouen) / Prs. B. Linclau, Southampton (UK) & R. Brown, Ghent (BE)
  • PhotoCopEnT : Pr. T. POISSON (COBRA, Rouen) / Pr. Shawn COLLINS (Montréal, Canada)- Sup-Rh-CycloF : Pr. P. JUBAULT (COBRA, Rouen) / Pr. André CHARETTE (Montréal, Canada)
    – Pseudopeptides : Pr. P.Y. RENARD (COBRA, Rouen) / Pr. Pr. A.M. PAPINI (Florence, Italie)
    The SAB confirms that the 7 projects are all of high scientific merit and that the decision to fund them has been based upon excellent assessments from the reviewers. The projects are likely to deliver strong research results, and are in accordance with the scientific goals of XL- Chem.
    The SAB recommends the following 2 PhD projects to be submitted to the RIN 50 call, taking into account the reviewers’ comments:
    – FLOC/FLOC: Prs. P. Cardinaël et G. Coquerel (SMS, Rouen)/ Pr. Woo- Sik KIM (Kyong Hee University, South Korea)
    – Axial_SteroSYNTH: Dr. A.M. LAWSON (URCOM, Le Havre)/ Pr. Jean-Luc AYITOU (University of Illinois at Chicago)